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Art & Geography Workshop: 

Making Philosophy Space: : having a go at using "the best", "the rest", "the enemy"....  ♫♫♪

Saturday 6th May, 11:20-12:50, UCC Geography Library

Jenny Anghelikie Papassotiriou, Education Curator, 

What is a mistake, what is a revolution and should you know what you want before you get it? Spaces are generators of questions and generators of meaning. In this workshop, we will share tools from analytical philosophy, philosophy of mind, political philosophy and philosophy of science to develop ways for making, claiming and activating space in pre-claimed and pre-defined sites. From the campus to the street, there is a lot to explore and question.

     We will work on our feet within the allocated space (and beyond) to enact each other’s responses to a number of questions, before sharing our ‘finds’, i.e. the rules, tools, mistakes and interventions that we made.

     This practical approach allows for a diversity of views and thoughts to be played out into unpredictable actions, where collective accidents are combined with individual choices. It provides a tool for questioning and altering curatorial choices, for making interventions and creating spaces where opposed approaches can co-exist. Spaces, concepts and actions are inter-dependent and sites with defined access and identity boundaries provide a ground to explore this inter-dependence.

    During this simple game, we could find ourselves moving along and beyond Aristotle’s categories, Spinoza’s views on democracy, Wittgenstein’s notion of game, Thomas Kuhn’s analysis of scientific revolutions and the Sex Pistols' 40 year-old attack on the 'dream of a shopping scheme'.


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