Themed sessions

Please note the sessions listed below were confirmed for CIG 2020, there may be changes to the 2021 list. We are currently in contact with themed session organisers and will have an updated list of confirmed sessions in the coming weeks.

Themed session submissions have closed for CIG 2020.

A full list of proposed sessions, in alphabetical order, is below. Delegates can opt to submit an abstract for a specific themed session or submit a general abstract which we will do our best to accommodate with appropriate timetabling. The abstract submission form is available here.


Please contact the session organisers directly if you would like to submit an abstract to a themed session. Once the session organiser has confirmed your participation, you will need to submit your abstract for inclusion in the conference programme using the abstract submission form available here.


Please note, you will need to be registered for the conference in order to complete the abstract submission form.

Art and Geography 1: An Irish Anthropocene

Karen Till, Maynooth University; Nessa Cronin, NUI Galway; Gerry Kearns, Maynooth University.

Art and Geography 2 & 3: Community Mappings: Making Histories and Landscapes Visible

Karen Till & Rachel McArdle, Maynooth University; Nessa Cronin, NUI Galway; Gerry Kearns, Maynooth University.

Art and Geography 4: Earth Writings

Nessa Cronin, NUI Galway; Gerry Kearns & Karen Till, Maynooth University.

Author Meets Critics: Zoë O'Reilly's 'The In-Between Spaces of Asylum and Migration: A Participatory Visual Approach' (2020)

Mary Gilmartin & Karen Till, Maynooth University.

Border Crossings

Patricia Burke Wood, York University; Mary Gilmartin, Maynooth University.

Charting our Environmental History

Rhonda McGovern, Trinity Centre for Environmental Humanities.

Climate Conversations I: Research-Policy Panel Discussion

Anna Davies & Stephan Hügel, Trinity College Dublin.

Climate Conversations II: Activating Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Climate Change Conversations

Anna Davies, Trinity College Dublin & Alexandra Revez, University College Cork.

Communicating the palaeoenvironmental archive for utilisation in heritage, future land management and climate planning

Helen Shaw, Carla Ferreira & Ro Charlton, Maynooth University, ICARUS/Department of Geography.

Contextualising borders and boundaries – historical geography perspectives

Jonathan Cherry, Dublin City University; Arlene Crampsie, University College Dublin; Ruth McManus, Dublin City University.

Data stories: visual and narrative storytelling about place

Samuel Stehle, Burcin Yazgi-Walsh & Rob Kitchin, Maynooth University.


Environment: change, place, and well-being

Christopher Phillips, Maynooth University. 

European City and Regional Development: Challenges and Opportunities

Alexia O'Brien, University College Dublin & Aoife Delaney, University College Dublin and Maynooth University.

Feminist Methodological Practices in Geography

Debangana Bose, Malene H. Jacobsen & Rachel Mc Ardle, Maynooth University.

From Climate Change Adaptation Planning to Implementation: Addressing the Knowledge Gaps

Barry O'Dwyer & Stephen Flood, MaREI, ERI, University College Cork.

Geographical Society of Ireland Postgraduate & Early Career Network Poster Competition

Geographical Society of Ireland Postgraduate and Early Career Network.

Geographies of Carceral Systems: Ireland in Comparative Perspective

Joseph S. Robinson, Maynooth University; Vukašin Nedeljković, Independent Artist; Sasha Brown, Maynooth University.

Geographies of Forced Migration: Time, Space, and Politics

Malene H. Jacobsen, Maynooth University; Patricia Ehrkamp, University of Kentucky.

Geographies of Recent Elections (2019/2020)

Adrian Kavanagh, Maynooth University.

Geographies of responsibility for just and sustainable food systems

Agnese Cretella, Monika Rut & Jean Williams, Trinity College Dublin.

Geomorphology research in Ireland (Irish Geomorphology Group)

Eugene Farrell, NUI Galway & Mary Bourke, Trinity College Dublin.

GIS and Photogrammetry: Application in Geography and Environmental Science

Ankit Verma, Trinity College Dublin & Insight Centre for Data Analytics at Dublin City University; Mary Bourke, Trinity College Dublin.

Harnessing the power of public engagement: tools and strategies for transitioning to community-led management

Emily Rick & Kate Flood, NUI Galway.

Historical Geographies of Responsibility: Precedent, Practice, and Possibility

Adrian Mulligan, Bucknell University. 

Ideas Space

Eoin O'Mahony, University College Dublin.

IGC 2024 - Celebrating a World of Difference

Niamh Moore-Cherry, University College Dublin; Frances Fahy, NUI Galway; Gerald Mills, University College Dublin.

Lightning Talks - Snapshots in geographical research

Geographical Society of Ireland Postgraduate and Early Career Network.

Mapping Desire: Geographies of Sexualities/Queer Geographies 25 years On

Kath Browne, University College Dublin & Jack Gieseking, University of Kentucky.

Nature-based solutions: Situating geographical knowledge within a transdisciplinary problem

Marcus Collier, Trinity College Dublin. 

New approaches to addressing the housing crisis: Lessons from Ireland and beyond

Mel Nowicki, Oxford Brookes University; Dáithí Downey & Oona Kenny, Dublin City Council.

Protecting and enhancing the discipline of Geography in Ireland: Inaugural session

Eugene Farrell, NUI Galway; Anna Davies, Trinity College Dublin; Kathy Reilly, NUI Galway.

Pushing boundaries: turbulence, activism, and change in post-crash Ireland

Maedhbh Nic Lochlainn, Tommy Gavin & Cian O'Callaghan, Trinity College Dublin.

Reframing Temporality in the Urban

Debangana Bose & Rachel Mc Ardle, Maynooth University.

Regional Studies Association Ireland Section Special Session: Dialogues on planning policy and practice in a changing Ireland

Carla Maria Kayanan, Liam Heaphy, Karen Keaveney & Niamh Moore-Cherry, University College Dublin.

Remote Sensing/Earth Observation: Applications in environmental mapping and monitoring

Daithí Maguire, NUI Galway; Conor Cahalane, Maynooth University.

Responsibility: Places of Memory, Legacies and Centennial Commemorations – in an Age of Insecurities and Globalization

Gerry O’Reilly, Dublin City University; Angela Gissi, Trinity College Dublin; Ruth McManus, Dublin City University; Jonathan Cherry, Dublin City University; Keith Lilley, Queen's University Belfast.

Responsible Smart Cities

Federico Cugurullo, Trinity College Dublin; Paolo Cardullo, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya; Rob Kitchin, Maynooth University. 

Rethinking the land-sea boundary: Geographical contributions to living with and understanding coastal risk in the spectrum of research, climate, people and policy

Iris Möller, Trinity College Dublin; Eugene Farrell, NUI Galway; Mary Bourke, Trinity College Dublin. 

Rivers: Form, Process and Management

Jacky Croke & Jonathan Turner, University College Dublin.

Sensing and Senseability: Environmental Monitoring and Mapping

Breandán Anraoi MacGabhann, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick.

Social Theory and Health Geographies

Gerry Kearns, Maynooth University.

Spatial Ireland: Future of Irish Cities

Paul Kilgarriff, Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research.

SWIG Roundtable - Women in Geography

Supporting Women in Geography Ireland.

Teaching and Learning in Geography Higher Education in turbulent times

Niamh Moore-Cherry, University College Dublin & Mairéad de Róiste, Victoria University of Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Undoing the entrepreneurial city; rethinking urban space, property, and vacancy

Kathleen Stokes & Cian O'Callaghan, Trinity College Dublin. 

Workshop on Early Career Precariousness in Irish Geography

Geographical Society of Ireland Postgraduate and Early Career Network.

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