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Themed sessions

A list of organised sessions follows below in alphabetical order. Delegates can opt to submit an abstract for a specific themed session or submit a general abstract which we will do our best to accommodate with appropriate timetabling. The abstract submission form will open shortly.

Please contact the session organisers directly if you would like to submit an abstract to a themed session. Once the session organiser has confirmed your participation, you will need to submit your abstract for inclusion in the conference programme using the abstract submission form, which will go live when the call for sessions comes to an end.

Please note, you will need to be registered for the conference in order to complete the abstract submission form.

Anticolonial Geographies: Ireland, Colonialism and the Unfinished Revolution

Kearns, Gerry, Maynooth University & Rowan, Rory, Trinity College Dublin;

Art and Geography 1/: Colonial Resilience vs Anticolonial Imaginaries: Feminist and Queer Collaborative Geographies 

The Feminist Counter-Topographies Reading Group; contact convenors: McArdle, Rachel, O’Reilly, Zoë, Dean Phelan, Dean and Karen Till, Karen; University of Galway, Trinity College Dublin, Maynooth University, University College Dublin; Dean Phelan,, Zoë O' and Karen Till,

Art and Geography 2/Colonial Resilience vs Anticolonial Geographies: Artist-led Workshop: Decolonising the Work Place, or ‘Facing forward with working hands’ 

Feminist Counter-Topographies Reading Group. Organiser: Till, Karen. Artist convenors: O'Reilly, Rosie & Lincoln, Sarah; Maynooth University;

"Ask Me Anything" Careers Workshop

O’Brien, Alexia; Geographical Society of Ireland Postgraduate and Early Career Network;

Building resilience in Historical Geography: approaches, techniques and technologies

Cherry, Jonathan & McManus, Ruth; Dublin City University;

Census Geographies

Alexander, Paul; Central Statistics Office;

Citizen Rural: Understanding rural digital data needs from the bottom-up

Keaveney, Karen; Ofori, Adwoa Serwaa; Gonzalez del Campo, Ainhoa; Robinson, Dominic; University College Dublin;

Climate, Coasts and Communities: Nature-Based Solutions at the Nature-Society Nexus

Lynch, Kevin & McGandy, Maeve, University of Galway;

Coasts in Transition: Physical changes and societal adaptation

McCarthy, Gerard; Moeller, Iris; Farrell, Eugene; Holloway, Paul; Quinn, Tara; Maynooth University; Trinity College Dublin, University of Galway, University College Cork, Maynooth University;

Colonial Resilience versus the Anti-Colonial Imagination

Kearns, G; Nally, D; & Philo, C; Maynooth University, Cambridge University, University of Glasgow;

Colonial Resilience versus the Anti-Colonial Imagination 2: Anti-Colonial Feminist Geographies

Dowler, Lorraine & Till, Karen E.; Maynooth University; Penn State University and Maynooth University;

Digital approaches to community heritage - resilient, regenerative or redundant?

McCann, Chris; Quintero Marin, Juan Esteban; Carey, Daniel; Hogan, Cian; Misstear, David; & Crampsie, Arlene; University College Dublin;

Everything about Peatlands

Connolly, John; Trinity College Dublin;

Finding the Climate Action Synergy Space

Flood, Stephen; ICARUS, Maynooth University;

Geographies of Health

Houghton, Frank & Foley, Ronan, Technological University of the Shannon & Maynooth University;

Geography and Education for a Resilient Future

Pike, Susan; Trinity College Dublin;

Geographies of inequality and equity

Connor, Dylan; Arizona State University;

Historical Climatology, resilience and interdisciplinarity

McGovern, Rhonda; Trinity Centre for Environmental Humanities, TCD;

Housing for whom? The future of social housing

Auerbach, Jeremy; University College Dublin;

Ireland, Colonialism and the Unfinished Revolution

Kearns, Gerry; Maynooth University;

Irish Towns as Distributed Centres for the Low Carbon Transition

Crowe, Philip & Murphy, Orla; University College Dublin;

Just Transitions to/for Sustainability

Fahy, Frances; Morrissey, John; Fitzgerald, Louise; Stokes, Kathleen; University of Galway; Mary Immaculate College; Maynooth University; University of Galway;

Legacies of the Ordnance Survey in Ireland

Porter, Catherine; Garrett, Zenobie; Lilley, Keith & Kane, Frances; University of Limerick and Queen's University Belfast;

Machine Learning Application in Remote Sensing and Geospatial Studies

Sajadi, Payam; UCD Spatial Dynamics Lab, School of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy;


Gilmartin, Mary, Maynooth University & Phelan, Dean, Trinity College Dublin;

Navigating your PhD & Early Career Development: Panel Discussion

Nic Lochlainn, Maedhbh, University of Luxembourg; GSI Postgraduate and Early Career Network;

New shoots or stunted development? The challenges of resilient community engagement in short-term research projects

Dunne, Rose; Dubois Gafar, Amrine; Carey, Daniel; Bonnin, Christine & Crampsie, Arlene; University College Dublin;

Pathways from Rural Decline to Generational Renewal

Maura Farrell, Louise Weir, Aisling Murtagh & Marie Mahon; University of Galway;

PECN Poster Competition

McGovern, Rhonda; Geographical Society of Ireland Postgraduate and Early Career Network;

Place-based approaches to urban and regional development and policy

Moore-Cherry, Niamh; University College Dublin;

Questioning the resilience of neoliberal urbanism

Nic Lochlainn, Maedhbh; O'Callaghan, Cian; O'Brien, Alexia; Gavin, Tommy; University of Luxembourg, Trinity College Dublin (Cian Alexia and Tommy);

Restoring and enhancing river corridors

Turner, Jonathan & Rick, Emily; University College Dublin;

Rural futures: is resilience thinking enough to develop sustainability? 

Roche, Martina & Shaw, Helen; Maynooth University;

Social Movements & Research 1: Housing

Tubridy Fiadh (Maynooth University); Gavin, Tommy (Trinity College Dublin);  Sassi, Juliana (Maynooth University);

Social Movements & Research 2: Extraction

Rowan, Rory; Fitzgerald, Louise; Bresnihan, Patrick; & Brodie, Patrick; Trinity College Dublin; Maynooth University; Maynooth University; University College Dublin;

Social Movements & Research 3: Discussion Panel

Bresnihan, Patrick; Tubridy, Fiadh; Fitzgerald, Louise; & Brodie, Patrick; Maynooth University; Maynooth University; Maynooth University; University College Dublin;

Terrain AI

Ankur Sati, University College Dublin & , Kazeem.Ishola, Maynooth University;

The Geomorphology Association of Ireland: understanding landscapes past, present and future

Jackson, Derek; Ulster University (& President, GAI);

Young People and Climate Change

Fahy, Frances & Reilly, Kathy; University of Galway;

Zero Carbon Communities

Buckley, Niall; Integrated Environmental Solutions;

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