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Drone Methodologies: Bodies, Senses and Verticality

Bradley Garrett

To register as a participant send an email to: Agnes O’Leary (

This talk will focus on how new aerial sensing technologies are reconfiguring structures in experiential, legal, commercial, social and political domains. Through a post-phenomenological lens, I seek to better understand how architectures are systematised around a set of assumptions about what bodies are capable of and how drones, as extra-sensory appendages, destabilize those structures. Capacities to act through the drone are clearly outstripping our capacities to think about what they are capable of, creating improbable socio-technological turmoil, all of which remains undertheorized.


The workshop will include a brief introductory presentation followed by a practical flying session.

Although we will try to schedule the Workshop for Saturday morning, it is an outdoor and weather-dependent event and we may need to be flexible for scheduling it in the programme

Numbers will be limited to 15 participants.

In recent urban research, scholars have turned their attention to vertical structures and infrastructures. However, where vertical architectures have become sites of discussion as a result, little has been written about how consumer and prosumer drone (unnamed aerial vehicle) technologies are altering structures of access, supply, knowledge and power, broadly conceived, despite the fact that according to the webzine Drone Life more than one million drones were sold worldwide in 2015 alone.

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