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Attending CIG 2021?


We're excited to introduce attendees to Whova, the virtual conference platform provider we've partnered with to host CIG 2021.

Who or what is a Whova?

Whova (pronounced hoo-vah) is the event app and virtual conference platform that we're using to help us run CIG 2021. They're a company based in California  and we've chosen their platform to host CIG 2021 because it allows for an all-in-one virtual conference as something you can properly attend. There'll be a mix of pre-recorded and live content, as well as networking and interaction functions that we're hoping will help to replicate the connections that the Conference of Irish Geographers is so good for nurturing.

Click on the images below for instructions on using Whova:

How do I 'attend' CIG 2021?

CIG 2021 is being hosted by Whova. You can access the event through the links circulated to registered attendees, or by clicking here.

After you've completed conference registration, the email address that you registered with will be used to create a speaker/attendee profile for you at CIG 2021. We'll upload your name, institutional affiliation, and email, and you'll be able to log-in to the event by creating an account on the Whova app or website. You can add a photo of yourself and further information to your Whova profile (think of it like an online bio) for other attendees to get to know you.

You will be able to attend CIG 2021 through Whova's desktop platform (go here) or by downloading the Whova App in Google Play or Apple Apps (please note, Whova is only on the App Store for iPhone or iPad).

Please also note, if you are prompted to enter a password for any of the sessions throughout the conference, the password is CIG1234. We ask that you do not share this with anyone outside of the conference. 

I'm a session organiser/chair - how do I show pre-recorded content in my timetabled session?

We've prepared the short instructional video below explaining how you should show pre-recorded videos in your session. We'll be sending around written instructions as well, but please note that we suggest the session chair runs the session by launching Zoom externally from Whova to ensure access to all of the functions they'll need to use.

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